Fourth Quarter Awards Ceremony

February 12, 2020

Press release 2019

Sheriff Carmine Marceno hosted the 4th Quarter Awards ceremony this morning, February 12th. Several hard-working and diligent members of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office received prestigious awards. One  member received the “40 Years of Service Award”.

Not only did Sheriff Marceno recognize the longevity of various member’s service, he also recognized their accomplishments on the job with quarterly and yearly awards.

One of the Quarterly Awards given was the Corrections Deputy of the Quarter. The recipient, Sergeant LaDonna Brady, was recognized for her efforts on the Lee County Re-Entry Task Force. This task force aims to help inmates successfully transition back into society.

One of the Yearly Awards was given to Deputy Michael Swift, receiving the “Law Enforcement Deputy of the Year.” In 2019, Swift attentively worked a case involving a threat against Lee County Schools. Swift thoroughly investigated the threat and subsequently arrested the suspect. Swift’s quick-response and dedication potentially saved an untold number of lives.

Volunteers were also thanked for their service as their work saves Lee County taxpayers over a million dollars a year.

Sheriff Carmine Marceno concluded the ceremony by expressing gratitude for his team’s efforts each and every day.

The full list of award recipients is as follows:

Promotions and Life Achievement Awards:

Communications Dispatcher Nicolle Swanson-Medina was promoted to Communications Supervisor

Detective Christopher Fine was promoted to Sergeant

40 Years of Service Award: Cheryl Carruthers

30 Years of Service Award: Sergeant Frederic Janke, Supervisor Tina Carver and Supervisor Becky Stoddard

25 Years of Service Award: Lieutenant James Drzymala and Corporal Melissa Smith

20 Years of Service Award: Captain Mark Mallard and Sergeant Roy Wesemeyer

4th Quarter Awards:

Law Enforcement Deputies of the Quarter:
Deputy Cade Bray and Deputy Frederick Meyers

Corrections Deputy of the Quarter: Sergeant LaDonna Brady

Civilian of the Quarter: Communications Call Taker Jarna Platt

Volunteer of the Quarter: Albert Uva

Yearly Awards:

Law Enforcement Deputy of the Year: Deputy Michael Swift

Corrections Deputy of the Year: Deputy Andrew Porter

Civilian of the Year: Communications Call Taker Jarna Platt

Volunteer of the Year: David Sully

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Law Enforcement Deputy of the Year Swift - Copy    Corrections Deputy of the Year Porter - Copy   

Volunteer of the year Sully - Copy