Promotions and quarterly award ceremonies

On Wednesday, August 21, 2019, Sheriff Carmine Marceno promoted seven deputies to the rank of sergeant.  The ceremony was held at the Lee County Sheriff's Office among fellow agency members and family.  Sheriff Marceno acknowledged their hard work and dedication to law enforcement.

The promotions included:

Sergeant Chase Bubley
Sergeant Richard Castellon
Sergeant Dash Lockhart
Sergeant Nora Galloway
Sergeant Adam Gahrmann
Sergeant Michael Truscott
Sergeant Jarrod Cantrell

Sheriff Marceno also congratulated Lieutenant Stephen Gehle on his retirement!  Lieutenant Gehle served our community for 25 years.

On August 7, 2019, Sheriff Marceno was in attendance to present quarterly awards.  These photos can be viewed on the Lee County Sheriff's Office Facebook page:

Sgt Bubley

Sgt Castellon

Sgt Dash Lockhart

Sgt Galloway

Sgt Gahrmann

Sgt Truscott

Sgt Cantrell

Lt Gehle