Sign Up Directions

How to Register OnLine for CodeRED

**Note:  Landline phones are already in the database**

To register your cell phones with CodeRED on-line follow these instructions:

Go to the Lee County EOC website:       

Once on the website and select the RESIDENTS tab. 


This will take you to the CodeRED website!

howto3Fill out the Contact Information with First and Last name.

The next section is the Contact Addresses and Communication Methods.  

**No P.O. Boxes**

Choose whether the address is a Residential or Business address.

The Red arrow shows where to add the Cell Phone number.  **Do not use any dashes.

howto4If you choose to have a text message sent to you check the box shown by the Blue arrow.

If you choose to have a text message sent to you, you need to select your provider.  Click the little arrow on the right side of the Choose Provider box and a drop down menu will have them all listed as shown by the Purple arrow.

If you have a TDD/TTY device select the box shown by the Green arrow.

If you choose to add an additional cell phone simply select + Add Phone button and follow the same procedure.

If you choose to add an email address, select the + Add email button.

Enter the email address you wish for the alert to be sent to.

Re-enter the email address in the Confirm email address field.

If you choose to add more than one, select + Add email and repeat the steps above.

Read the Data Privacy section carefully and choose whether you prefer your information be kept private by checking the box as shown.

Read the Terms and Conditions section and check the box.

Select the Verify Information button located at the bottom of the screen as shown.

If you would like to create an account so you can update your information in the future select the Yes button.  The boxes to enter a Username, Password and Confirm Password will appear.  Then select the Continue button.


If you wish to continue without creating an account, select the NO button then click the Continue button

Review all the information:

  • Is the address accurate?
  • Is the map is accurate?
  • Is the phone/s listed accurate?
  • Is the email/s listed accurate?

If everything appears accurate select the Continue button.

This screen will appear and show that you have been successfully added.

It shows numbers that you can choose to add into your contacts so your caller ID will display CodeRED.

This page also allows you to download the Mobile App.