North Fort Myers Narcotics Dealer Arrested

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In response to the ongoing opioid crisis, members of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit began targeting suspected Heroin & Fentanyl dealers operating within Lee County.  During the investigation, detectives identified a suspected narcotics dealer and career criminal, with over twenty six (26) arrests in Lee County, as Christopher Eugene Taylor (DOB 1/08/86).

Detectives obtained intelligence that suggested Taylor was selling Fentanyl, and various other narcotics, out of a residence located at 1632 Daniels Dr. in North Fort Myers. After conducting numerous traffic stops on vehicles leaving the residence, several arrests were made and various illegal substances were seized. This confirmed detectives’ belief that Taylor was engaging in the sale of illegal drugs, including the highly dangerous substance Fentanyl.

On June 21st, 2018, probable cause was established for detectives to perform a traffic stop on Taylor. He was then taken into custody, at which point a search warrant was executed at his residence. 

The investigation resulted in the seizure of AMT brand .380 caliber pistol, SKS-style rifle, 56.5 grams of Fentanyl, 20.2 grams of crack Cocaine, 7.4 grams of Marijuana and $4,526 U.S. currency. As a result, Taylor was arrested and charged with Trafficking in Fentanyl, Possession of Cocaine-With Intent to Sell, Possession of Marijuana, Felon in Possession of a Firearm, Carrying a Concealed Firearm, Obstructing Justice and Felony Driving While License Suspended – Habitual Traffic Offender.

Additionally, the following individuals were arrested during the investigation:

  1. Dustin Clough W/M DOB 8/11/98 – a convicted Felon with 10 prior arrests in Lee County for narcotics and weapons charges.
  2. Christian Hamm W/M 5/3/88 – a convicted Felon with 13 prior arrests in Lee County for narcotics, kidnapping and aggravated assault related charges.
  3. Ronald Adamcik W/M 1/17/64 – a convicted Felon with 9 prior arrests in Lee County for narcotics, and grand theft related charges.
  4. Cari Brown W/F DOB 11/18/71 – a convicted Felon with 13 prior arrests in Lee County for narcotics related charges.

Taylor, Christopher  Adamcik, Ronald  Brown, Cari  Clough, Dustin  Hamm, Christian Douglas

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