Marijuana Bust in Lehigh Acres

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

press release

East District Deputies conducted a traffic stop in the area of Lee Street and Lee Boulevard in Lehigh Acres due to inoperable tag lights. After being asked by the driver to check the lights, the deputy smelled a very strong odor of marijuana emitting from the vehicle.

A license check was done on the drivers’ credentials and the driver was found to have a license that was suspended indefinitely. A search was then conducted of the vehicle and a large bag of marijuana (884 grams total) was found to be located in the natural voided area where the air intake is; under the food of the vehicle. A small amount of marijuana (3.8 grams) was found to be wedged between the seats and $300 cash in the driver side sun visor. The driver was also searched and deputies found over $7,000 in cash in his pockets.

Vincent Oswald Azua (DOB 10/30/89) of 325 Tarpon Drive, Cape Coral, was subsequently arrested and charged with Marijuana Possession with Intent to Sell, Manufacture or Deliver, Marijuana Possession over 20 grams, Drug Equipment Possession, and a Moving Traffic Violation Driving with License Suspended/Revoked. Azua was transported and booked into the Lee County Jail.